Frequently Asked Questions About Our Santa Letters ..

We are frequently asked questions about our Santa Letters, we hope you will find the answers to the questions below useful. If you have any more questions that are not listed below, please feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you.

When will my Letter be posted?

All letters will be posted on 17th December.

What is the last date I can place an order?

The last date for ordering Santa Letter is 16th December 2017 before 2pm.

I have four children, will they all have the same wording?

No. We have different wording for each letter with the same recipient address.

Can I send Santa letters to different addresses?

Yes you can, each recipient will have a text area for you to type in their individual address.

Will the Santa letter(s) be addressed from the North Pole?

Orders received have our North Pole post mark along with the 2016 Christmas postage stamp.

I ordered the letters together but not all of them have arrived?

If you have more than one letter going to the same address, we want you to know that we did post them together so that both of the recipients receive them at the same time. Once they are posted we have no control over Royal Mail and sometimes one letter is delivered before the other. We suggest that if one letter does arrive without the other, you put it aside until the other arrives.

The letter has arrived but the details are incorrect?

If you notice an error in the letter, please let us know and Santa will write another letter to apologise to the recipient and put things right.